We believe that food should taste great and nourish people. In fact, something truly delicious is so pleasing precisely because it is greatly appreciated by the whole body. Food represents a relationship between people and the planet––our goal is to make that relationship a thriving one.    

Our business started in our home on the edge of Trout Lake Park. We would make the kinds of food we love to eat, and vend it to folks in the neighbourhood from our lane-way studio. Thankfully those folks also loved to eat the things we we're making, so we've been following our dream ever since. We see that bread can be a great dietary pillar; and a bread oven has the potential to bring people together, and keep them well. As we slowly grow our business we let these principles guide us. At Lakehouse Foods we want you to come face-to-face with the people who are making the things you eat, in hopes of empowering you to better understand your food. We have great respect for the importance and complexity of food and it’s our goal to support you in nourishing yourself. The more we, as producers, can expose processes and share knowledge the easier it is for you to make food choices that will leave you feeling healthy and strong. We appreciate the chance to share our knowledge and our food with you.


Garrett grew up in the Lower Mainland in a family of four brothers. He has always lived with asthma and food allergies, but as a young adult these conditions intensified, taking a serious toll on his health. Western, pharmaceutical-based medicine seemed to offer no solutions, so he went in search of other options. A naturopath he visited explained the importance of cultivating balanced microbial life in the body, and suggested fermented foods as the path to healing. Not long after, Garrett started experimenting with making sauerkraut, baking bread, and milling his own flour.

Once he experienced the healing power of fermented food he began to wonder why such things weren’t more available in Vancouver. He worked seasonally planting trees but was looking for a source of income more in line with his values and interests: could making and selling ferments be his next job? That summer, instead of heading to the Interior for another planting contract, he fashioned six large fermenting vessels and started selling kraut out of his garden shed at 13th and Lakewood. It was 2013; Lakehouse Foods was born.


Growing up in Vancouver, Tamiae spent summers on Cortes Island, sailing the Northern Gulf Islands with her family. Following a desire to learn to live in harmony with nature and grow food with care, she returned to Cortes full-time in 2012 to attend the Linnaea Garden Program, an 8-month residency in organic gardening and environmental stewardship. There, Tamiae learned permaculture, animal husbandry, and plant propagation. During her first winter on Cortes, baking sourdough bread became a big part of Tamiae's life; she began selling her loaves at the farmer’s market and to private clients. After finishing her studies, Tamiae stayed on at Linnaea Farm as an apprentice to the market gardener, deepening her knowledge of growing and making food.

Tamiae’s life dovetailed with Garrett’s through a dash of serendipity and a jar of sauerkraut, when a mutual friend brought some Lakehouse kraut on a visit to Cortes. When Tamiae returned to Vancouver at the end of 2014, she took a room in the same house where Garrett lived on Lakewood Drive. A shared passion for handmade, nourishing fermented food led them to partnership. By summer 2015, Garrett and Tamiae had become fixtures in the lane behind the Trout Lake Farmer's market with a dedicated fan club of regular customers.