The neighbourhood bread drop is a weekly bread subscription. It's the best way to get incredible bread, every week, in the city of vancouver.

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We care deeply about bread and how it fits into peoples lives. Allow us to provide you with an exceptional loaf of bread every week. Just choose the basic parameters for your subscription like grain type and loaf size, and we'll do the rest! If you’d prefer to eat only alternative grain breads; if you have any allergies; or if you’re vegan, you have the option to tailor your plan to suit your needs. 

Your loaf will always be:

-Made with organic grains and flours

-Naturally-leavened with a wild sourdough culture and long, slow fermentation.  

-Made with a MINIMUM of 50% fresh milled whole grain flour

-Delivered by bicycle


What's the big deal with sourdough?

I still have questions (take me to the F.A.Q page).


Alternative Grains

$10.50 per week (for one 900g loaf)

$8.60 per week (for one 720g loaf)

$5.75 per week (for one 450g loaf)

All Grains

$9.50 per week (for one 900g loaf) 

$7.75 per week (for one 720g loaf)

$5.25 per week (for one 450g loaf)


Learn More about what kinds of bread you can get.

There is a one-time membership deposit of $40 which is 100% refundable upon cancellation. This fee covers administration costs and two personalized, organic cotton tote bags.  

After you've paid this deposit you'll get to choose all your plan details.

Pick-up locations

You decide when and where you’d like to pick up your bread. Pick-up locations are only available on specific days so check below to make sure it’s going to work for you!

If you don't see an option that works well for you, or if you're interested in hearing about new options as they become available...


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Our current pick-up options are:


Wednesday Pick-up


Hastings Sunrise: Plenty + Spare Naturals

- 2168 East Hastings (11-6pm)

Kensington / Cedar Cottage: Second Nature

-3565 Commercial St. (11-7pm)


Sunday pick-up


Strathcona: Luppolo Brewing 

- 1123 Venables St. (11-10pm)

*Mount Pleasant: Coco et Olive 

- 3707 Main St. (10:30-6pm)

*Coco et Olive is closed for renovation, we are hoping they will be open again by then end of October.*


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We look forward to making bread for you! Enjoy it liberally and share with friends!

If the sign up is full:

Your membership deposit will help us expand the program and ensure your place in line.

Cancel at any time for a full refund.