A classic croissant; the layers are flaky, tender and enough to sink your teeth into- in other words, it won't shatter all over your shirt at the first bite. All our laminated doughs are rolled and cut by hand.We use organic grass fed butter and lots of it. With just a touch of sweetness, this is an irresistible hand-held snack. 


Our croissant dough wrapped around two bars of house-made chocolate is what we call a chocolatine. We make the chocolate from scratch of only the highest quality organic ingredients and sweeten it with honey. Heftier than our classic butter croissant with an indulgent center, this is a pastry for special occasions... or just a casual Saturday. 

Seasonal savoury puff pastry

This one is a favorite of many. The laminated pastry is 100% sprouted spelt flour layered with organic grass fed butter. We load it up with seasonally available vegetables like tomatoes and basil- then cover it in a blanket of organic cheese. It's what pizza would be like if it had been invented by the French, then re-invented by Lakehouse Foods. 



sustainer Cookies

Our goal with this cookie is to make a hearty little morsel that can keep you going through the busiest parts of the day. It's made with fresh milled sprouted kamut flour and organic grass-fed butter. We pack the cookie dough with fresh ground flax, coconut ribbon, dates, soured oats, and chunks of unsweetened chocolate . This unconventional cookie is made without eggs or sugar! It's a bit of a pick me up with the power to sustain.  

Ice cream sandwiches

Our homemade ice-cream has a coconut milk base, thickened to a traditional custard with lots of free-range, organic eggs. With this base we make a variety of flavours using organic and local ingredients. On either side of this frozen treat is a fermented cookie crust made with fresh milled buckwheat flour and, you guessed it, organic grass fed butter. This summer snack is sweetened with maple syrup, honey, or dates (never with sugar).