We keep our Sauerkraut very simple and let a long fermentation work its magic on only three ingredients. We use organic green cabbage, salt, and sometimes caraway seeds, that's it. The complexity of flavour comes from time, good cabbage, and a blend of sun dried sea salt and Himalayan crystal salt. Fermentation times depend on seasonal temperatures: we always let it go for a minimum of three weeks, whereas some batches are allowed to ferment for several months in cooler weather. A jar of this golden goodness can be found on our kitchen table at almost any meal. We put it on toast, in soups, eat it with sausage, or on savory waffles; it can be hard to stop. But then, why would you? 

half-sour pickles:

Our dill pickles are similarly processed - that is simply, with time and solid ingredients. When cucumber season is in full-swing we pack our crocks with locally-grown organic pickling cukes, garlic, fresh dill and peppercorns. We like to use minimal salt and are proud to say that these keep their crunch for months, if you can manage to keep them around that long.